Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Baby says "hi"

During my ultrasound yesterday, baby lifted its arm in a little wave, which I immediately interpreted to mean, "Say hey to all the bloggy peeps for me."

Everything looks great. Baby has two arms and two legs, and just one head, which is about all you can tell from the 12 week ultrasound but which is more than enough to reassure me at this point. I was 12w3d and baby measured 13w1d, but when a millimeter makes a day of difference, I'm not yet too worried about percolating the Baby That Ate New York.

Heartbeat was a nice, normal 156 bpm, and the nuchal fold isn't anywhere near thick at 1.5 mm. (A thickened nuchal fold, larger than 3 mm or so, is considered an early risk marker for Down Syndrome.) I had the first of the two blood tests that comprise the Integrated Prenatal Screening test, and the second one will be August 10. It will be reassuring to get those out of the way. Next on the schedule, I have a regular OB appt on August 16, which will be another nice place to be past as that will be the 16 wk appt, and if you'll recall, that's where I had bad news last time. Fingers crossed and touching wood, I'll then have another ultrasound on August 29 to find out whether baby's plumbing is of the indoor or outdoor variety... but I'm not quite able to look that far ahead. Sounds soon, though, doesn't it? Just a little over a month away.

I told my OB how unimpressed I was with my interaction with her employee who told me to "keep on truckin'" and she simply made a noncommittal noise in her throat and kept reading the paperwork in my file. When I kept talking about how debilitating I found the fatigue, she said given my iron is fine they can't do much about the fatigue, but she did circle back to my mention of depression (I told her at the time I wasn't sure if I was battling anaemia or depression, but that it was more debilitating than anything I had dealt with previously) and she said that they do have treatment available for depression. She also offered me medication for nausea when I mentioned the stomach upset that had been discouraging me from the prenatals, and medication for heartburn. While I appreciated her offer to treat the symptoms that may have been bothering me, none of them bother me even close to badly enough to medicate and in the end I was more irritated than anything. What I wanted was reassurance, and what she was offering came from her prescription pad.

I got a call yesterday that I have yet to return from the midwife to tell me they have a space for me. I'm frozen with indecision by which path to follow, the OB or the midwife. Despite my dissatisfaction as expressed in the previous paragraph, I'm not convinced that I'm unhappy enough to deal with the logistics of switching to the midwife. I think I'll return the call and be honest with the midwife and lay my concerns on the table, and schedule myself a tour of the Montfort hospital. Just to leave my options open for a little bit longer, ya know?

(Edited to add: Spoke to a hospital administrator about arranging a tour of the Montfort. There are no actual tours permitted in this post-SARS era, but there is a power-point orientation presentation. Can't even register for the orientation session until I confirm that I plan to give birth there... but I can't decide I want to give birth there until I have actually seen it. Sigh.)