Friday, July 13, 2007


"Elephants outstanding"

Some items from the newspaper are just too precious to pass by without commenting on them.

Apparently, three elephants escaped from the Garden Bros Circus in Newmarket, Ontario (near Toronto) and went on a 3 am stroll through suburbia. The electric fence penning them in somehow lost power, and when the elephants realized it, they knocked down the fence and made a break for it. Take a moment to picture two full-grown elephants - elephants! - roaming around in your suburban neighbourhood under cover of night. And now imagine being the caller, or better yet, the dispatcher, on this 911 call, as reported in the Globe and Mail:

Caller: “Hi. Umm... we've found an elephant walking down the street near the community centre, the Ray Twiney."

Operator: “Sorry?”

Caller: “We've found an elephant walking down the street. Like the ones from, like, the circus at the Ray Twiney Centre. One of them got loose and it's walking down the street.”

For the next few minutes, the caller explains that there are, in fact, at least two fully grown, trainer-less elephants milling about, as a woman in the background can be heard futilely exclaiming: “Don't let it cross the street!”