Monday, August 06, 2007


In which I rant just a bit

It's my last day of vacation and I'm feeling a little cranky about it. Plus, ya know, I'm old now, and entitled to be curmudgeonly without warning.

So to celebrate this mood of minor annoyance, today I present to you the top five things that piss me off.

1. People who don't acknowledge common courtesy.

It drives me nuts when I slow down to let someone into a lane ahead of me, or stop to hold open a door, or step back to let someone else go first, and they don't even bother to acknowledge me. I don't need a bouquet of roses, but a nod or a smile or a wave (or god forbid, a "thank you") would go a long way.

2. People who don't signal lane changes.

Apparently, I have a whole set of issues with lane changes. (Can you tell I drove back and forth through Toronto recently?) Also on their own sublist of things that piss me off are people who think they are entitled to your lane simply by virtue of the fact that their lane is ending, regardless of the fact that you might currently be occupying said lane, and people who must occupy the buffer of space I'm trying to leave between myself and the car in front of me as we hurtle along the 401 at the speed of light.

3. People who dribble on the toilet seat and don't wipe it up.

It happens. Either you dribble a few drops when you stand up to wipe, or you are one of those people with stronger knees than me who can hover over the seat and give it a good spray when you pee. Regardless, would it kill you to take a minute and a square or two and wipe the seat when you're done? I really shouldn't have to do it, and it's nothing short of disgusting to sit down and realize that you just sat in someone else's pee.

4. People who sit on the gym equipment and chat.

I like to move quickly through my weight workout to keep my heart rate up, and I was told many years ago by a trainer that it's best to stick to a particular order, working the larger muscles before the smaller ones. While I don't mind jumping out of order if it's busy and there's a lot of people using the equipment, it drives me nuts to have to wait for a machine because someone is sitting on it while chatting with someone else. Frankly, it also kind of bugs me when people sit on the machines between sets, and when people don't wipe down the equipment between uses. Hmmm, looks like I have some issues with the gym as well. Maybe a little too much testosterone in my system?

5. People who don't say "excuse me" when they need to get off the bus.

This one is my number-one irritant right now. I've been idly thinking about blogging it for months. Almost every single morning, I sit on the aisle side of a shared seat on the bus. A surprising amount of the time, I'm sure the vast majority, when the person sitting beside me needs to get off, rather than saying "Excuse me" or even "This is my stop", they simply make a lurching thrust toward me that I'm supposed to detect and interpret as an intention to get off the bus and that I should get out of the way. This is a relatively new phenomenon, and it pisses me off every single time. Seriously, how hard is it to say "excuse me"? I usually toss in a smile for free when I do it.

And they say we Canadians are overly polite. Bah!

By all means, don't let me rant alone. What cheeses you off?