Sunday, August 05, 2007


Mmmmm, Italian buffet

Given my post on Friday about lacking food inspiration, is it any surprise we tried a new restaurant this weekend?

For those of you who live in the neighbourhood, I highly recommend the Barolo Italian Buffet. The one we tried is in Barrhaven, beside the new cinema, and apparently there's one out Kanata way near March Rd and Carling.

I know they're not cool, but I like a good buffet. Chinese buffets are way too ubiquitous and often poorly done, but I've been to a couple of excellent Indian buffets in town (Haveli comes to mind.) I'm a big fan of something like Tuckers Marketplace, where you can get a decent salad bar and a selection of different types of food. Then again, I love to graze. My ideal meal would involve table after table of various types of appetizers where I could pick and sample all day.

Ahem, but I digress. The point is that we were highly impressed by Barolo's, largely because there were great choices that the kids would actually eat. Tristan did eat mostly fruit from the salad bar, but also had some fresh warm bread. Simon, on the other hand, had some penne with tomato sauce, some spaghetti with butter and cheese, lots of bread, and a good selection of fruit, and picked off my salad plate.

The salad bar is a little bit limited, but has some lovely antipasto-type cold grilled peppers, eggplant and zucchini salads, as well as a couple of types of pasta salads. In the entree section, they had everything from veal parmasean to chicken in mushroom sauce to cabbage rolls to pizza, and another half a dozen choices on top of that. At the very end, there's a roast beef station and a station where you can place a custom pasta order. I had linguine alfredo that was very good save for a need of some fresh pepper.

It was a little pricey at $16.95 per adult, and half that for the kids; however, the server noted that Tristan had hardly eaten anything and comped his meal for us. I was so impressed that I tipped her the price of his meal. I noticed on the way out that the price is only $14.95 for adults Monday to Thursday, and kids eat FREE those days. Now I know when I'll be going back!