Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Random bullets to banish the brain clutter

(Note: Although Postcards from the Mothership is now live at http://danigirl.ca/blog, I'm continuing to cross-post for a couple of weeks until I get all the kinks out. See the original post at http://danigirl.ca/blog/2007/08/21/random-bullets-to-banish-the-brain-clutter/)


Blogging really is a feast-or-famine kind of thing, isn't it? There are times when your brain is empty, and you go days fearing you may never be graced with an inspiring idea again.

And then other times, your brain is so busy blogging all.the.time that at any given time, you have half-composed posts oozing out of your brain, begging you to get to a keyboard and release them to the Interwebs. This is one of those times. I have a lot of ideas rattling around, but nothing cogent enough to form a full post.

Thank goodness for the existence of random bullets!

  • We woke up this morning to what appears to be a brand new double mattress delivered to our front lawn. Problem is we didn't order a new mattress. I have no idea where it came from or, more importantly, what to do with it. It's garbage day today, so maybe one of the neighbours put it out and some prankster dragged it down the block to our lawn? But seriously, have you ever dragged a full-sized mattress anywhere? It's not like the wind just picked it up and carried it over. The irony is that we could really use a new double mattress, but I'm not sure I trust providence enough to accept randomly occurring mattresses as part of the natural order of things.

  • I was supposed to call for my Integrated Prenatal Screening blood test results yesterday - and I completely forgot. I guess I'm not too worried about them, eh? I'll try to remember to call today.

  • I also go for my first official appointment with the midwife today. Yay!

  • Today is my sister-in-law's birthday. Happy Birthday, Belinda!! Sometime in the next four days (oy, my memory sucks!) is my very dear friend's birthday. Happy Birthday, Jojo!! Saturday is my cousin's birthday. Happy birthday, Mike!!

  • Last Sunday would have been my 18th wedding anniversary, had I not bailed from the practice marriage back in 1993. Eighteen years! Eek!!

  • I find it somewhat validating that since I have made the jump to WordPress, Haloscan has been under some sort of spam attack. I think the last time I had to delete a spam comment was months ago, and I've had to delete more than 20 in the past week.

  • Tristan has been on a 'what I want to be when I grow up' kick lately. Last month, after visiting the African Lion Safari, he wanted to be an elephant trainer. The other day, I was getting ready for work when à propos of nothing, he announced, "Hey Mom? When I grow up, I want to be king." (pause) "Why are you laughing?" You go, Tristan! Queen Mother sounds like a lovely career option for me.