Friday, September 30, 2005


Incoherent Friday rambles

Friday generally seems to be my catching up and cleaning up day, both at home and with blog. I've been poking around my mental archives for something that I might stretch into a cohesive post, but all I've got are odds and sods. Get some fresh coffee, we're in rambling mode...

For example, I managed to get the apple-picking photos from last week posted, but it took me until this week to force Blogger to cough up my pictures from our walk at Hog's Back Falls the weekend before.

Hog's Back is a lovely waterfall where the Rideau Canal splits from the Rideau River at Mooney's Bay. The walking paths are wide and flat and easy enough to negotiate with a stroller, but on this particular Sunday I let Simon walk for the first time.

We brought a large bag of birdseed with us, and I tried to show the boys that if you put a little seed in your hand, the chickadees will land on your fingers and eat the seed from the palm of your hand.

Tristan loved the idea of the birds landing on his hand - until one actually did. Even though I'd tried to explain that the bird's feet were picky, he jumped about a mile when one actually landed on him - scaring the bird, himself, his brother and me in the process. Enticing the birds to land on Simon's head turned out to be a lot more fun. Ultimately unsucessful, but fun.

Next time, we'll bring peanuts for the chipmunks as well. If you live in Ottawa, this is the best time of the year to visit Hog's Back, just as the trees are turning. We invested in a big bag of bird seed at the Bulk Barn for 56 cents. You just can't go wrong at those prices!

As if that isn't enough fun to jumpstart your weekend, I thought I'd weigh in with my results from the ubiquitous 23:5 meme, where you find your 23rd post and the fifth sentence in it. I was reluctant to play at first, because while I certainly have a lot of sentences I figured the chances of hitting one worth repeating were remote.

The winner is from this post on February 24, and the sentence is Yes, I know he will probably have his bladder well under control by the time he heads off to college. Hey look, we made it with 14 years to spare! Hooray for Tristan's bladder!

And last but not least, today is my brother's birthday. I don't think he reads blog (but look, my mom and Beloved have finally succumed this month!) but just in case I will take a moment to wish him a happy birthday here. This has been an exciting year for you, little brother. My best compliment is that you turned out to be an even better father than you are a brother. Hope your day is wonderful! And, your present is in the mail...