Thursday, January 26, 2006



I can see you asking yourself right now, "She isn't going to try to milk a third day of posts out of this TV thing, is she?"

Did you even have to ask?

I mean, these may indeed be blog's glory days. Not that I spend a lot of time obsessing over my stats (only with days that end in "y"), but yesterday I got about 70 more hits than my previous best-ever day back in December, in the thick of the heady "plot to take down Rick Mercer" blog award days. So let's stretch this out for just one more day.

Oh, and if you didn't catch the broadcast yesterday, Andrea has a 26 MB download of the 10 minutes of interview footage on her blog. (I'm sure there are probably some sort of bandwidth issues that should compell me to host the download on my own site and offer it here, rather than leaching off of Andrea's resources, but I have no idea how to do it. Andrea???)

I got a note from a lovely woman named Christie, who watched the broadcast from Williamston (Hi Christie!) and she was asking me a few general questions about blogging, which made me think that now would be a good time to link to the article I wrote back in the summer for our employee newsletter on the Wonderful World of Weblogs. It's a beginner's introduction to the world of blogs and blogging.

You know what else I noticed after the fact? The Eat, Shrink and Be Merry cookbook that Leanne gave us has been autographed by the author, Janet Podleski. Isn't that cool? Now, in addition to my autographed Canadian literature collection, I can add this to the book Ann has autographed for me and have an autographed non-fiction collection, too! (Hey, a collection can have two books. It's a start!)

Okay, one more quick story, and then I'll try to get over myself and let this go. My dad made me a copy of the interview and gave it to me at dinner, and since Beloved FORGOT (!) to watch it, we watched it together with the boys last night. There's one transition where Dan the camera man zooms in on Emma sitting at the table and colouring, and Tristan, who has been only half paying attention to this point, perks up and says, "Hey, who's that pretty girl colouring?" in a funny little voice about half an octave above his normal speaking voice.

Andrea, I think we're going to have to talk. The men in my family have always shown a predeliction for older women!