Friday, August 18, 2006


Another lazy Friday comment game

Oh oh, it's Friday again and I forgot to put something in the can for this morning.

Anybody got any bright ideas on what I should write about this morning? Something witty and insightful and full of colourful vocabulary that can be slapped together in about 12... nope, make that NINE minutes?

* sound of crickets *

Yah, me neither. Okay, hows about we play the comment game again? I know, I know, my two year old doesn't fall for the same trick twice in one week, and here I am asking you to do it. I promise, next Friday I'll have something clever tucked away (the pledge of the procrastinator).

So, if you weren't here last week to play, here's how it goes: I'll propose a movie, and you post an actor/actress who is in that movie. The next person posts a different movie that said actor is in, and the person after that posts a different actor in that movie... and so on, until the end of time. You can check out the comments from last week to see it in action. We made it to 48 comments last time - can we hit 50 this week?

I'll start you off with: Moulin Rouge, because I have the soundtrack rattling around in my head. (One of the best unanticipated features of the Escape Pod is having Ewan McGregor croon sweet nothings directly into my ear - be still my heart!)