Tuesday, August 29, 2006


On Ikea and iPods

Well. Who would have thunk that my best traffic day ever would result from the keywords "Ikea dog penis". Yesterday, I received more than a hundred new visitors looking for Swedish furniture porn.

Check it out:

It even looks vaguely phallic, doesn't it?

In other news, did you hear about the poor shmuck who caused an international terrorism incident when his iPod fell in the toilet of a plane flying from Chicago to Ottawa? The story has been making headlines here for weeks, and in today's Citizen (sorry, for subscribers only) they have the first exclusive interview with him. (If you're curious, try this link, which tells the story from another passenger's viewpoint.)

Apparently, the young gentleman "had no idea the music player had slipped off its carrying clip until after he returned to his seat and heard the flight attendants talking about something jamming the toilet." At first, he thought the toilet was jammed with the seat protector he had used, but "Then he realized that his iPod was missing. He told the flight attendants right away, but it was too late. The crew told him they had notified the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. Procedures were being followed, alerts issued and police warned."

All passengers were sequestered upon arrival in Ottawa and delayed for several hours. Our antihero was questioned by police - for five-and-a-half hours - and eventually released. He tells the story in its entirety on a gamers' forum.

Man, the world is a really strange place these days!