Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Guess who's coming to dinner?

Okay, so I prolly should've written about this three or four days ago, since our Canadian Thanksgiving was on Monday, but I just never got around to it on the weekend. We were too busy apple-picking and playing with friends and eating turkey and visiting the Farm in the glorious autumn sunshine. I'll have another too-late post full of pictures, if I can ever remember to upload the darn things.

But I had to comment on this article in last Friday's Citizen. Some things just beg to be blogged. Indigo books commissioned a national survey asking which author Canadians would most like to host for Thanksgiving dinner. The answer surprised me, even though it would have been one of my top-three choices: Stephen King! The rest of the top five were, in order, Margaret Atwood, John Grisham, Bill Bryson and Alice Munro.

So you know what my next question is. If you could invite three authors to dinner, who would you choose? It's not so easy as you might think. Do you consider the compatibility of your guests? (I would dearly love to be seated across from Margaret Atwood and Stephen King and listen to them go at it for a couple of hours.) Do you choose exclusively from your favourite authors, or the most colourful personalities?

Okay, after very little deliberation on my part, I'd invite: Will Ferguson, Nick Hornby, and Stephen King.


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