Friday, March 16, 2007


Random blog silliness

I know, I still owe you a post for Tristan's birthday. It's okay, as long as I get it in before he's old enough to read, I'm good.

In the meanwhile, in lieu of anything particularly thought provoking or time consuming, I thought I'd steal this idea from Mama Tulip. Four of these five statements are true; one is a fib. Can you tell my fact from fiction? (Those of you who know me well likely know the truth - if you do, don't tell!)

1.) In a fit of defiance and independence, I had my belly button pierced despite my ex-husband's opinion that I should not get it done. It became horrendously infected and I had to take it out after less than a month. I still have the scar.

2.) While traveling solo through Europe, on a train from Munich to Salzburg I was propositioned by a man who told me he had just been released from prison. He was escorted off the train because his 'ticket' was hand-written on a cocktail napkin.

3.) Beloved and I met in a bar. He was in the Fine Arts program at the University of Westen Ontario at the time. The night we met, he invited me back to his apartment to "see his drawings". I said yes, and we've been together ever since.

4.) We were visiting my in-laws one summer weekend for the first time. My mother-in-law had just baked two lemon meringue pies for a charity auction and had left them on a shelf in her utility room to cool. We went out for dinner and in our absence, my exhuberant puppy-brained dog licked exactly half the meringue off each of the two pies, leaving the yellow lemon base. I walked into the utility room and froze when I saw the half-demeringued pies, and contemplated for a long minute simply packing the dog into the car and returning home without a word, never to return.

5.) Our long and convoluted fertility and IVF stories, from the first miscarriage in 2000 through the IUIs, the IVF, Tristan's birth, Simon's surprise arrival, our Frostie adventure and even the miscarriage last November will be featured in a story in the May issue of Chatelaine magazine.

I'm a terrible liar in person - can I pull it off on the blog? Which one is a fib?

Edited to add: only one day remains in the Great Canadian Rimroller Contest! Enter today!