Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Camping countdown

I've been spending a lot of time on the weather website these days. Okay, fair enough, I spend a lot of time over on the weather website to begin with, but I'm spending even more time over there lately. Environment Canada comes out with their updated forecasts around 3:30 each afternoon, so I've been clicking over once in the morning and again late in the afternoon to watch the weather trends for our free camping weekend this weekend. Since its been within the 14-day extended forecast, they've called for sun, rain, cold temperatures and moderate temperatures. Of course, last year they called for nothing but rain and it turned out to be perfect so why the hell do I bother?

Anyway, speaking of last year, you all gave me the most excellent suggestions on your favourite camping food, which I am continuing to mine this year. But of course, I still need you. We've got a three and five year old, plus our two year old nephew, to entertain for two days with no TV and (gasp!) no computer. There is definitely a trip to the dollar store on the agenda for this week, but you can only get so far with disposable crap and colouring books.

What are your favourite camp-type games?

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