Friday, May 18, 2007


Dangerous Book for Boys redux, now with more free books!

Did you think I forgot about the draw for the Dangerous Book for Boys, the one to compensate for the fact that Canadians couldn't enter the Harper Collins contest? Of course I didn't!

There were 22 comments on the thread as of Wednesday morning, one of which was me and one of which was a duplicate. I assigned everyone a number for the order in which their comment appeared and got totally sucked in playing with the Random Number Generator. Why I find random numbers so compulsively interesting is beyond me, but then, I also get lost playing in the thesaurus.

Anyway, twenty minutes later I remembered that I was there for a reason I was playing with the random numbers and got down to business. Since I couldn't get hold of anyone from PriceWaterhouse to validate the contest results, you'll have to rely on this screen capture and my word that the results are valid.

Congratulations to the 10th commenter and winner of the free book, Batman!

But wait! There's more! I'm pleased to tell you that there is yet another chance to win your own free (and autographed!) copy of the Dangerous Book for Boys, courtesy of the MotherTalk Blog Bonanza. For today only, you can write a post and join the MotherTalk Blog Bonanza in support of the Dangerous Book for Boys, and everyone who submits their link to MotherTalk before midnight tonight (May 18) will be eligible for entry in the draw for the free book. Plus, you get to play along with a fun bunch of literate bloggers AND get some traffic to your blog AND maybe find some excellent new blogs to read. There's nothing to lose! Full details are on the MotherTalk blog.

I was all ready to write a post today about raising 'dangerous' boys and how raising boys has changed my perspective on gender roles. After yesterday, though, I'm still feeling a little raw, and second-guessing whether my "boys will be boys" attitude is maybe a little too laissez-faire.

So instead, in this post that lacks any sort of structure whatsoever, I'll turn over the microphone to you. Tell me what 'dangerous' means to you. Is it important for boys to be dangerous? Is it something you encourage, or something you repress? Does being a 'dangerous' boy somehow affect the sort of man he will become? Do girls need to be dangerous, too? Should we tolerate dangerous behaviour more from boys than from girls?

Speak, bloggy peeps! (And, if you decide to post about this as part of the MotherTalk Blog Bonanza, make sure you tell Miriam at MotherTalk so she can link back to you.)

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