Thursday, May 24, 2007


We definitely need a Yay Day!

Whaddya think, peeps? We're long overdue for a Yay Day around here.

If you haven't been by on Yay Day before, the rules are simple. Leave a comment with something that makes you happy today, or something that makes you proud, or something that makes you smile. Celebrate the small victories in life - and the big ones, too! For once, you're allowed to brag to your heart's content.

Given my emotional instability of the past week or so, I'm feeling surprisingly happy today, and that alone is a reason to celebrate. And the boys, those boys who were in one of 'those' testing phases, the relentless and exhausting testing phases? Apparently they're done. They've been just lovely little creatures for the past 30 hours or so, and I've been thoroughly enjoying simply being with them.

Hmmm, which came first - the relaxed and contented mommy or the relaxed and contented boys?

Regardless, here's my contribution to Yay Day: the simple pleasure of a sprinkler and a warm summer evening.

(That's a soccer game in the background. One of the occupational hazzards of living across the street from a park - the invasion of the minivan-driving soccer parents three nights a week!)

Your turn! What is making you happy today?