Friday, February 02, 2007


730 days, 762 posts, too many words to count

Today marks two years since I started this blog. Two years = 730 days, and in those 730 days, I've put up 762 posts. This is what a year of blog posts looks like when you kill a small forest of trees in fear of losing your precious words to the interwebs, stored somewhere far from you with no backup:

I saw over at Elizabeth's place in early January that she had put up a post with her favourite posts of the preceding year, and I liked that idea. So, if you'll pardon the inherent narcissism, here are a selection of my favourite posts from the last year:

Coincidence (February - on registering Tristan for kindergarten)

Picture this (February - on getting our family portraits done)

Transitions (March - on the boys growing up)

The day my pants betrayed me (March - anecdote)

Bad words (May - on what makes a 'bad' word)

The one with the conspiracy theory (June - on sleep deprivation)

The one with too much information (June - on frostie and buying an OPK)

Sketches of Quebec City (July - a six-part series on our trip to Quebec City)

Saying goodbye to frostie (August - the end of our frozen embryo cycle)

Notes from a therapy session (August - on Tristan)

The memo (September - early pregnancy results)

Getting ready for school - a monologue (September)

I'm outraged (October - a rant on grammar rules)

The one with the coconut (October - anecdote)

Random attempts to cope (November - after the miscarriage)

An open letter to Proctor and Gamble (December - consumer rant)

CBS announces Rockstar: Wiggles! (December - a bit of fun)

How do you know? (December - on families)

Don't ask me what criteria I used to category a post as a 'favourite'; I have no idea. Some of them I liked because I think they're well written, some of them are funny (to me, at least), some of them mark significant moments in the past year, and some of them just resonate with me.

It's been a truly amazing year, and I've had the chance to do things and meet people I never would have imagined because of this blog. Thank you for making it possible, and thank you for coming along for the ride.

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