Thursday, July 07, 2005


Bloggy flotsam and jetsam

Seems I've left a lot of loose ends lately. Far be it from me to keep you in suspense any longer. Here's a progress report for you, board members of Danigirl's Life Inc.

Back at the end of May, you were treated to my spectacular break-up with Weight Watchers. I'm pleased to nyah-nyah in the general direction of the "points" plan and tell you that I've lost not only the weight I gained while on WW but a pound or two more. Hooray! I've been to the gym at least three times a week since joining three weeks ago, and am loving it. No really, I am. Even better, a pair of shorts that did not fit me at all at the beginning of June now fit quite comfortably. Did I mention I love the gym? Pass the potato chips, please.

(And did you know that if you google "Tim Hortons Weight Watchers points", I am the number one return? I get at least one hit a day from this. People, it's a doughnut shop. Forget about the points and just enjoy your cruller, for goodness sake.)

A few of you have since asked me what ever came of my job choice dilemma a couple of weeks ago. I had the choice between a temporary increase in pay/status and staying with a familiar team and portfolio or accepting a new and permanent position with a new team and new workload. I chose (no real surprise) to stay with my current team, and have been assured they'll do whatever they can to make my promotion permanent. And most importantly, I didn't have to retake my second language tests!!

You seemed to enjoy my blog recommendations from earlier in the week, so can I direct your attention, if you haven't already been there, to Getupgrrl's poignant post yesterday on Chez Miscarriage. Her surrogate is getting pretty close to her due date, and Grrl is handling the stress with her usual neurotic wit. I wish she still had archives, because she is truly one of the funniest writers in blogdom.

And finally, a little geek fun. You'll see over in the sidebar an icon that says, "I made science." It's part of a survey MIT is doing on weblogs. If you own a blog, please take 15 minutes or so to complete their survey. It's quite interesting to see where your responses fit in with the returns to date (for example, at not quite 36 years old, I am considerably older than the majority of bloggers. But I have been at it for only 6 months, considerably less than most bloggers. And although I read fewer blogs than most respondants, my hits are pretty high.) Not that any of that means anything, but I've always loved playing with numbers. It's all just lies, damn lies and statistics, according to Mark Twain.