Saturday, March 17, 2007


A Rimroller Winner!

I wish I was better with Photoshop or those other photo editing programs. If I were, I'd mock up a rolled up rim from a Tim Horton's cup, and somehow put the blog of the person who won the Great Rimroller Contest on there.

Perhaps it's just as well, because "Tales from the Fairy Blogmother" is a pretty long title, and I don't think I could fit it all on there! Congratulations, Shan - you're our big winner!

In the end, I couldn't bring myself to choose one entry over another. I simply numbered the entries in the order they arrived, and asked Beloved to pick a number.


Hats off to Trixie, Suzanne, Renee and my cousin Mike, who all saw through my ruse on the 'liar liar' post from yesterday. While I came very, very close to getting my navel pierced after I got divorced, I never did. I still wish I did it, back in the day, and frankly I probably would have if someone had actually told me I couldn't. But I had so much trouble with my pierced ears (25 years after the fact, they still close up if I don't wear earrings almost every day, or wear less than gold posts) and I never got around to it.

The other stories are all true. The guy on the train scared the hell out of me, to be honest, and I was just about to ask the conductor to find me another seat when he came by to collect the tickets and the guy tried to pass off his handwritten ticket. He was escorted off the train at the next stop. I wrote about it here.

The pie story is also true, and has become the stuff of family lore. Thank goodness I have understanding in-laws! I was completely mortified, but with an excellent sense of humour my mother-in-law Dee simply made new pies for the auction, and my father-in-law and Beloved made short work of the unlicked halves of the remaining pies.

Beloved and I did meet in a bar one night, twelve years ago tomorrow, as a matter of fact, and he did proposition me with his sketches. And it's also true (and very exciting!) that our whole sordid infertility and fertility story will be featured in the Mother's Day issue of Chatelaine next month. I have no idea what to expect of the story, which I think is about infertilty in Canada. I'll let you know when it's on the stands, and hopefully online.

And now, back to cleaning the house.